Spices247 previously THE VEGETARIAN EXPRESS

We specialize in vegetarian food seasonings for easy, healthy meals made with vegan blends. With a wide and delicious collection of spices and seasonings to choose from, you can make every meal a mouthwatering and zesty recipe without gluten, non GMO, no preservatives, artificial flavorings and dyes. Spices247 makes it easy to cook delicious foods with a rich palate of herbs and flavors. Whether you are a dedicated vegan, an enthusiastic foodie, trying to change your diet and eat healthy or you are looking for a simple, easy way to kick up the flavor in your cooking, spices247's food seasonings are for you. Each recipe is formulated carefully and herbs and spices measured precisely to make the ideal blend of spicy, tangy, fresh and savory flavors for whatever you are cooking. You can find just the right flavors to make faux burgers and loafs very tasty and combinations to elevate any soup, salad, gravy, veggie medley and many more. Shop online to find the seasonings you’ve been looking to add to your favorite dish, or find a healthy replacement for other sodium-intense spices. Order a few seasonings to test out or order a whole box of the flavors you can’t get enough of.

Veggie Chick Seasoning 13 oz - CLEARANCE (Expired or About to Expire)

$ 5.00