Use Our Seasonings

All Purpose Veggie Salt

All Purpose Veggie Seasoning is a seasoning that packs great flavor and a little zip from the cayenne pepper. You can add All Purpose Veggie Seasoning to cooked or raw veggies, beef or chicken too. All Purpose Veggie Seasoning is great in soups, stews and casseroles. Anywhere you need an all-purpose seasoning it is great. Roasted potatoes cabbage, cooked carrots, etc.


Beef-Like Seasoning

Beef- Like Seasoning is a terrific beefy tasting seasoning to be used in soups, sandwich spreads, casseroles and French Onion dips. Beef- Like Seasoning can be used in place of beef broth cubes or beef stock.Try Beef- Like Seasoning in gravies, soups, bean dishes, casseroles, burgers and rice dishes. Use Beef- Like Seasoning in recipes calling for beef broth or bouillon.


Creamy White Gravy

Make your own delicious gravies with our Creamy White Gravy Mix. Add veggie sausage and generously ladle over biscuits, or toast. Try adding Creamy White Gravy to your stroganoff or serve it as a topping on your casseroles! Creamy White Gravy makes a terrific soup base for cream of potato, spinach or mushroom soup, etc.


Golden Broth Seasoning

Golden Broth Seasoning is one of The Vegetarian Express' staples in our home. It has a rich savory flavor, similar to that of butter with only 2 calories per serving and zero grams of fat. Golden Broth Seasoning contains potato flour so it will thicken up your soups or broths. Golden Broth Seasoning tastes great in casseroles, rice and pasta dishes. Use Golden Broth Seasoning in stews and gravies to give the savory flavors we all like. Golden Broth Seasoning is golden, it can fix the flat flavors that can be so frustrating and it's all in one shaker. You will be surprised by the superior taste it gives to your taste buds. We love sautéing veggies (especially white button mushrooms) in olive oil and a sprinkle of Golden Broth Seasoning for a tantalizing flavor. This seasoning has an amazing ability to enhance all the flavors. It’s even great on popcorn! 


Greek Isle Seasoning

Greek Isle Seasoning is an enticing mixture of herbs that you will love. Greek Isle Seasoning gives a great taste to shish kabobs and fish. Add Greek Isle Seasoning to soups, and bean salad, for great flavor. Sprinkle on corn on the cob, or a tomato sandwich for a WOW! Add it to any marinara sauce to kick up the flavor or sauté veggies to give a scrumptious tingle on your taste buds. And Greek Isle Seasoning makes a great salad dressing too! (Dressing recipe on the bottle).


Lemony Dill Zest

Lemony Dill Zest can be used in sautéing and grilling for vegetables, tofu, and seafood. Try Lemony Dill Zest mixed with your favorite mayo to make tartar sauce or in breading meal. This seasoning gives a delicious taste in salad dressings and homemade dips. Lemony Dill Zest is fast becoming a favorite of our customers. Try Lemony Dill Zest on fish, corn on the cob, zucchini, asparagus and green beans and on baked potato, you might even skip the butter! This makes a terrific egg or potato salad, which is perfect for picnicking.


Parma Zaan Sprinkles 

For those who are lactose intolerant, vegan, or whoever wants to shave off some calories and cholesterol try a great cheesy taste with our Parma Zaan Sprinkles! Top off spaghetti, salad and soups with Parma Zaan Sprinkles. Parma Zaan Sprinkles makes cheesy breads, dips and popcorn too. Try Parma Zaan Sprinkles in recipes calling for Parmesan cheese. These delectable sprinkles are dairy free and is made with almonds and other natural ingredients. Parma Zaan Sprinkles is sure to be a winner for your meals


Pepper Like Seasoning

If you need a flavor to replace Pepper, Pepper-Like Seasoning is a good option. Pepper-Like Seasoning is made with herbs, which can be used in place of pepper in soups, on vegetables, casseroles and your favorite recipes. Pepper-Like Seasoning is great on raw vegetables like sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Pepper-Like Seasoning adds zest to hash browns and scrambled eggs or tofu. Pepper-Like Seasoning can be mixed with basil and it makes amazing dipping oil. Its great on stewed apples too.


Rich Brown Gravy

Rich Brown Gravy is great on meatballs for Swedish meatballs, or use Rich Brown Gravy for your mashed potatoes. Rich Brown Gravy makes delicious Jambalaya too. Make a vegan version red eye gravy by adding a can of tomato sauce to your sausage and Rich Brown Gravy. Use on any dish you want gravy.


Roasted Garlic Red Bell Pepper Zip

If you like garlic this seasoning is for you, it is very garlicky. You can use Roasted Garlic Red Bell Pepper Zip in place of fresh garlic in recipes, sprinkle Roasted Garlic Red Bell Pepper Zip on a plate and add oil for the perfect dipping herb. Sprinkle Roasted Garlic Red Bell Pepper Zip on pasta, pizza, etc.


Saucy Ranch Seasoning

We love our Ranch Dressing but when you are trying to avoid junk ingredients, eggs, or diary making tasty Ranch dressing can be a challenge. Well not anymore. The Vegetarian Express Saucy Ranch Seasoning is a go to that is easy and very tasty. Besides making dressing and dip, Saucy Ranch Seasoning is great on potato salad, pasta salad, roasted potatoes, in soups, and sauces.


Veggie Chick Seasoning

Veggie chick Seasoning is easy to use. Veggie Chick Seasoning makes great chicken broth for all your recipes that call for chicken broth. Veggie Chick Seasoning seasons tofu great. Veggie Chick Seasoning is a great rub for grilling veggies, tofu and of course veggie chicken. Veggie Chick Seasoning is great in soups and gravies too.