Connie Vail is one of the three original founders and co-owner of spices247 formerly known as The Vegetarian Express. Connie recently invited Sandra Sturkie to be part of spices247 as a new co-owner. 

Spices247 was born at a super bowl party as The Vegetarian Express where the girls do their latest greatest vegetarian recipes. The need to make it easier to eat healthy gave birth to the idea to start a company that night. 

The ladies started meeting and the Vegetarian Express Vegan Seasoning line was born February 2004 in Lansing MI. Now it’s in Huntersville NC.

Connie is an avid cook and chef who also holds a certification in culinary arts including baking and pastry.

Connie loves giving health lectures and teaching vegetarian cooking classes. Helping people to prevent disease is the real issue to her. Nutrition, exercise, rest, fresh air, sunshine, lots of pure water, being moderate and balanced (Temperate) in all that we do and trusting in our Creator. These 8 are the natural laws of our being to promote good health. She has been a vegetarian for 55 years, and has lectured across the US, India and Africa. She loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. She has been married since 1978 to Steve, she has two children Lori and Daniel (Daniel was accidentally electrocuted at 18 in 1998) and 3 grandchildren Avalon, Sage and Elijah.


Sandra Sturkie joined Spices247 as a new co-owner after receiving an invitation by the founder, Connie Vail in 2019.

After Sandra got married in 2013 to her husband, Ronald, they decided to become vegan which took them on a journey to learn how to create delicious and nutritious meals. This is how Sandra became passionate about eating healthy without sacrificing flavor.

Sandra and her husband not only improved their lifestyle but also are active in helping the community around them learn how to eat healthy by hosting numerous cooking classes and health seminars free of charge. These cooking classes were taught by Connie and over the years Connie's and Sandra's friendship grew to the point of becoming partners in spices247 business.

As an ex-restaurant owner and Accountant, Sandra brings to spies247 not only knowledge in the food industry but also the business know how necessary to thrive in this highly competitive market.



At spices247, our goal is to provide seasonings that will make your favorite recipes pop with flavor. In the U.S. there are a variety of health problems stemming from poor diet choices. We believe that there has never been a better time to treat your family and friends to the countless tasty and nutritious foods that you can create with Spices247's Seasonings. You can make delicious salads, soups, loafs, pasta, grilled veggies, and mushrooms to name a few. You can introduce the unmatched convenience and versatility of Spices247 to everyone in your family and to your circle of friends to make wholesome flavorful eating a rewarding part of your lives. 

Spices247 continues to pioneer new ways to make eating smart a delicious part of your family’s everyday routine. We know it's important to eat our veggies and we are here to make them taste great. Our spices will entice the kids to try their veggies with great dips and much more.

Our seasonings are gluten*, dairy and egg free. We also make them with no artificial colors or flavors, no hydrogenated fats, and no added MSG. They are safe for many people with allergies.  Although the seasonings are manufactured in a facility that processes gluten, soy, and dairy products great care is used to ensure no cross contamination occurs. Our seasonings are great for people who follow the autism diet and most work for a person with celiac disease.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Our gravies do contain gluten.

Here is a list of all the products we currently carry:

      1. All-Purpose Veggie Seasoning NO Salt
      2. Beef-Like Seasoning
      3. Creamy White Gravy
      4. Golden Broth
      5. Greek Isle Seasoning
      6. Lemony Dill Zest
      7. Veggie Chick Seasoning
      8. Parma Zaan Sprinkles
      9. Pepper-like Seasoning
      10. Roasted Garlic & Red Bell Pepper Zip
      11. Saucy Ranch Seasoning
      12. Rich Brown Gravy
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